Our Company

Sargopesca is a Spanish frozen fish trading company. Our head office is located in Vigo, the largest European port for frozen fish. Furthermore, Sargopesca belongs to a major group of companies with Congelados Sariego and Transportes Jonathan.
Our fishing contracts with shipowners allow us to offer the most competitives prices; providing services to the processors and wholesalers, especially in Central, Eastern and Western Europe, Northern Africa and the Far East.
The fishing vessels that supply Sargopesca work in fishing grounds all over the world, mainly in the Southwest Atlantic and Southeast Atlantic (The Argentine, Falkland Islands, Namibia, etc), Northwest Atlantic, Northeast Atlantic (Nafo, Hatton Bank), etc.
We can supply products directly from origin, as well as from Vigo, where we have a permanent stock to supply all our clients. Thanks to our own factory, we can process products and offer them in different packing styles, according to our customers demands. Our aim is to develop and mantain long-term business relationships with our clients.